Web & app design and development

Web & app design and development

It’s XXI Century and you feel your website is as old as a Nokia 2210? Wait, you don’t even have a website yet? Fear not! Mil Máscaras works every aspect of the design and development of websites and mobile apps. From navigation flow, layout designs UX/UI, frontend and backend development. Working on Single Page Application is our thing, but also content managers, microsites, landing pages and all those words you don’t know exactly what they are, yet you know you need them. 

If you prefer it, we can be your think-tank and answer every doubt you have and assess you when it comes to plan your website or mobile app. We speak SEO and SEM better than English, so trust Mil Máscaras to create responsive and attractive online marketing campaigns. It is time to have your online site and manage your own system, at your pace, without dramas. And you won’t be alone! Take a look at everything we can do together:

What we do

  • Website consultant
  • Android & iOS Apps
  • Wireframing
  • UX/UI design
  • Frontend development
  • SEO campaigns
  • SEM campaigns
  • Online marketing
  • Maintenance and updating web services.
And a long etcetera of whatever you can come up with!

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