Rayvolt Bike International
Rayvolt Bike International

Rayvolt Bike International

Postcard and flyer printing for Rayvolt Bike International

Marca Premium brand for E-bike (electric bicycles)
Rayvolt’s philosophy is focused on promoting alternative ways of transport, thanks to their elegant, clean and highly technological bikes.

Their name comes from a ray of sun and the electric measure Voltio, which united sound like “Révolt”. A pretty smart name that unites the sun, the voltage and Révolt, pillars of their brand.

Rayvolt Postal 07
Rayvolt Postal 05
Rayvolt Postal 06
Rayvolt Postal 04
Rayvolt Postal 03
Rayvolt Postal 01
Mockup   Double Square Leaflet
Rayvolt Postal 02

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