PORCAUSADELA is a management agency and developer member of the ARC (Professional Association of Representatives, Promoters and Managers of Catalonia).

PORCAUSADELA consists of a young and passionate team working with the idea of offering the best music to its viewers. We approach music without stylistic preconceptions and we’re always attentive to creative opportunities whenever it presents itself. We have the ambition to promote it at local, national and international levels, ensuring public consumption with each of the proposals meeting their needs and preferences.

Barcelona is the city where the project was born and where its growth and development leads.

Our Clients

Our clients’ list is even longer than the services we offer. Among them you can find music festivals, magazines, exhibitions and conventions, restaurants, promoters and cinema studios… There’s only one missing: you.

Are you interested in any of our products or services?


Mil Máscaras

Mil Máscaras S.L.
93 677 46 25
Carrer de Biada, 6, local 2
08012 Barcelona