Perifèria Beat
Perifèria Beat

Perifèria Beat

Personalised t-shirt production with lettering for Perifèria Beat

Perifèria Beat is a must for hip-hop followers, which takes place at the Tres Xemeneies park in Paralel quarter, and is made possible with the collaboration of the Centro Cultural Albareda and the Hop festival of urban culture.

A bunch of free activities with the urban culture at their center, especially hip hop. There’s a longboard competition, freestyle, vinyl sessions, jams, dance off and live music.

Camisetas Kids Periferiabeat 1
Camisetas Kids Periferiabeat 2
Camisetas Periferiabeat 1
Camisetas Periferiabeat 2
Camisetas Periferiabeat 3
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