Empower Music Fest
Empower Music Fest

Empower Music Fest

Street Marketing campaign in Madrid for B-Empower Music Fest

A festival to show that Equality is possible in music festivals.
More than 70% of the people who went on stage were women.
Two days of lots of music and fun in a natural outdoor area in Fuenlabrada, a step away from Madrid.

Empower Music Fest is much more than The Festival of Equality (at all times there were at least 50% of women on stage, including guitarists, bass players, drummers …). We have shown that it is possible to create a complete poster with all its integrated bands, at least 50% of women offering a high level of quality. It supposes the possibility of seeing on the same stage excellent artists like The Big Moon, Belako, Carmen Boza, Mourn, Soledad Vélez, Jump to the Moon or Joana Serrat.

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